Water Conservation

We live in a desert where water is precious. 

Here at Wanngardi we’re not connected to town water- luckily we have great bore water but it’s only replenished with rain – which we don’t get much of!

Therefore we encourage short showers and don’t allow washing of cars or vans sorry! (There is a car wash in Alice which accommodates vans).

It also means we can’t have a swimming pool and only have green grass when it rains! 

Please run grey water onto a nearby tree! We of course prefer enviro friendly detergents!

Composting + Chook Scraps

Food scrap buckets are located at both camp kitchens and compost at both bins.

Please fill them up!

Our plants, worms and chooks will love you and it reduces smells from the bins!


We have an easy to use recycling station located at both bins.

ALL glass bottles (wine, beer, jars) – rinsed.

ALL cans (tins, beers, soft drink) – rinsed.

Cardboard, newspaper/paper and egg cartons.

Plastic water and soft drink bottles – unfortunately not milk bottles or other hard plastics.

Fruit poppers (juice boxes) and flavoured milk cartons.

Soft Plastics/plastic bags.

Re-use / Reduce Waste

At Wanngardi we are trying to go paperless. 

We appreciate this will take a bit of time so in the mean time we re-use maps, tourist brochures, magazines and have a book swap. If you have something that’s not broken or only slightly broken, please put it beside the bin for others to re-use (Ralphie can repair almost anything)!

We also use WhoGivesACrap 100% recycled toilet paper and energy efficient lights.

No Light / Noise Pollution

We are lucky that we are out of town so it’s dark and very quiet at night.

This means the stars are stunning so please no bright outside van lights left on all night, turn lights off after use in all bathrooms (means less bugs around as well!) and keep noise to a minimum so everyone can get a peaceful nights sleep.


At Wanngardi we work together,

We clean the bathrooms daily but really appreciate if you help us along the way with a mop or toilet brush like you would at home and lids down please to keep the bugs and creepy crawlies out!